View of Crater Lake Rim from Wood River Wetland

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This section of our site is intended to bring together information on all the recreational activities that are available in the area. We have the good fortune of enjoying year-round recreational opportunities within minutes of our front doors. Having those options collected here will help visitors to our area find resources that will facilitate their sharing our wealth of outdoor adventures. If you have suggestions to include here, by all means, send it along and I'll include it!

Between Heavenly Twins
Looking North from a vantage between the Heavenly Twins...
©2007 Ali Litts

Here is a partial alphabetical list of the recreational activities available nearby:

Numerous trails lace the national forests of the area, but most notable is the easy access this area provides to the Pacific Crest Trail. Many spur trails begin around Rocky Point and nearby roads all along the Klamath Basin west edge and into Crater Lake National Park that has several trailheads within the park itself.
Birding (Bird Watching)
As a stopping ground for rest, refreshment and putting on a little weight for about 80% of the migratory birds on the Pacific Flyway, the wetlands of the Upper Klamath offer marvelous birding opportunities approachable by water in Canoe or Kayak, as well as by land on foot or bicycle. The Klamath Birding Trail offers many suggested locations to park the car and look from there or to begin deeper excursions into these areas.
Cross-country Skiing
Winter often blesses us with a blanket of powdery snow and temperatures low enough to keep it powdery across the entire Klamath Basin. When that is not the case, we are invariably within easy driving distance of snow parks that will provide cross-country skiing opportunities galore.
Dog Sledding
We're very lucky to have a neighborhood Iditarod dog team that lives and trains out of the Crystal Wood Lodge at the north end of the Crystal Creek Canoe and Kayak Trail.
With all the natural beauty and the many well-defined and unique ecotypes of the basin itself as well as the nearby mountains and dry lands, ecotouring with local guides offers many days, each unique, exploring the different surrounding venues.
World Class fly fishing is available in the streams flowing into the Upper Klamath Lake. These beautiful meandering streams hold many a trophy for fly fishers, including the Klamath Redband Trout that grows very large very quickly in this rich system.
With thousands of acres of sheltered lake waters and hundreds of miles of relatively placcid river courses, this is an undiscovered mecca for those that want to combine easy paddling with fabulous wildlife and photography opportunities.