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The Klamath Basin offers a great selection of possible ecotours. The many and varied ecotypes close by offer the opportunity for ecotours of high deserts and wetlands. In a single day you can travel through the open Ponderosa Pine forests of the Cascades East Slope to the alpine forests of Crater Lake National Park. You can ride the Klamath River itself tumbling through canyons and mountains on it's way to the sea and the next day go to the highlands of the Klamath Knot, a range of mountains unique in vegeation and climate, a bit of ancient history in our midst.

Between Heavenly Twins
Looking North from a vantage between the Heavenly Twins...
©2007 Ali Litts

Tours can be made by boat, powered by wind, water, petrol or you! You can hike or bike if you prefer up close and personal without the intimacy with the water. You can visit a multitude of sites by auto or van. In winter, snowshoes and cross country or back country skis can take you through the beauty of our winter wonderland. You choose the means and the tour, I'm sure we can show you the way...

This is budding activity in this area. Marshal Moser is the pioneer and can be contacted through the Lonesome Duck Ranch & Resort. I'm working on setting up additional opportunities, contact me and I'll help you out! jim[at]chiloquin.us. (remove the [at] and replace with "@" when the link opens in your email client)

The Upper Klamth Basin has a terrific variety of places to see. Our relatively remote location and the stewardship of our citizens have preserved many of these beautiful places in much the same state as the native Klamath Tribes knew for the thousands of years before the arrival of settlers. It's a beautiful place! Come visit and we'll show you!!