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Chasing a Snow Crab!!! ©2008 Ali Litts

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We are lucky enough to have a neighbor with a keen interest in Dog Sledding and a willingness to share that interest!

Chasing Snow Crabs
Christmas Morning on Agency Lake!
©2008 Ali Litts

Briar's Patch Sled Dogs...Iditarod Finishers!

Liz's sled dog team, Briar's Patch Sled Dogs, successfully finished Iditarod 2008, to celebrate Liz's 50th birthday! The team finished the race with 14 dogs (of the starting team of 16) in 14 days' time. The dogs were magnificent, getting stronger and stronger as the race went on...they know they did something quite special! As Liz put it, "It was an honor and a privilege to be able to share the trail with them, and to have them take me -- emotionally, spiritually and physically -- places I could never go otherwise. Now I'm ready to share those experiences with others." For more information, you can contact Liz at 541-892-3639. Please plan on visiting the team during your stay at the Crystal Wood Lodge and congratulating them on a job well done!

Email Crystal Wood Lodge for more information or to make reservations!

The Klamath Basin is truly a winter wonderland. We are far enough north and high enough, or at least close enough to the mountains, to have the snow needed for winter sports, at least close by. It's rare between the months of November and March that the mountains around us are not blanketed with a layer of soft, dry snow. Often, we in the Basin are enjoying the same. Cross-country skiing, ice skating, Back-Country skiing, and snow camping are well established. Three downhill resorts are close by: Mt Shasta, Mt Ashland and the Willamette Pass. It's only a matter of time before the region is recognized as a superb location for Kite Snowboarding.

Come join us in Celebration of Snow and Action!