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The Klamath Basin lies immediately east of the Southern Oregon Cascades. The Pacific Crest Trail System runs down the backbone of these beautiful mountains. This includes the Seven Lakes Basin, the Sky Lakes, the Snow Lakes, Sevenmile Marsh, to mention a few. From the north, the Pacific Crest enters our area as it passes through Crater Lake National Park. It next leads through the Seven Mile Marsh area, the Sky Lakes Basin, and the Mountain Lakes area. All this area is prime designated wilderness.

Between Heavenly Twins
Looking North from a vantage between the Heavenly Twins...
©2007 Ali Litts

This year we're following a through hike on the Pacific Crest Trail by a dynamic duo!! Melissa and Justin both graduated from University of California Universities and have been teaching outdoor education for about 3 years. "We are thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada to raise awareness and scholarship funds for more students to attend outdoor science school. We want more people to understand the importance of shaping children's futures with a positive experience at science camp and we are seeking sponsorships as we hike 2650 miles to raise scholarship funds for more students to attend." Follow the progress of their adventure on the InspireOut Blog!

Many spur trails run from the trailheads in the Klamath Basin or just into the foothills and join the Pacific Crest. This provides many options for accessing the Pacific Crest for longer hikes, but also makes it quite convenient to either hike into the areas along the crest and hike out, or to access the trail for short distances and then come out at a different point.

To facilitate your finding access points, we have created a GoogleMap of the Pacific Crest access points and trailheads. Please drop me a line if you have any comments on this map, would like to see something added, have info or photos along the way, etc.